Welcome to West Riding Volleyball Club

We cater to all ages and abilities, shapes and sizes at West Riding Volleyball Club and we are adding more sessions all the time. During the week we run participation sessions across our 3 districts Bradford, Leeds and Wakefield and on weekends we run performance sessions to prepare players to play in competition


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How do i join?

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What happens next?

Once the form has been filled in the parent or adult will receive a message on their phone to download an app called Spond. Spond gives you upto date information on volleyball sessions held by West Riding including any future cancellations due to weather, venue closure due to exams or used by schools for other events held by them.

How do I pay?

We prefer bank transfer made to the club


This has been a huge influence to the new generation of juniors wanting to play volleyball and is a massive part of our club. The hard work, fun, the fundamental understanding of the game and technical knowledge from the Anime is crucial for developement. (some techincal tweeks needed ;) )

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Senior Heyva

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Junior Heyva

All Play Volleyball

We are currently working with local schools, colleges and universities to help make volleyball more accessible to more people.

Future Volley

We are working with junior volleyball players to help them reach their goals of playing at higher levels.

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